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10 ways to decorate a blank wall

Hi! I’m Angela. My job is to #create beautiful #interiors for people to live in. I get asked all the time how to #decorate a #blank #wall. I love that question because to me a blank wall is an artist’s #canvas. Today I will share with you ten ways to decorate a blank wall in your #home to create a space you can enjoy for years to come.

# 10 - Bring in live plants

#Plants can actually benefit life. Some plants have properties that have been proven to reduce anxiety and increase #happiness. Other benefits include: reducing carbon dioxide levels, increasing humidity, reducing levels of certain pollutants, such as benzene and nitrogen dioxide, reducing airborne dust levels and even keeping air temperatures down. Some recommended plants for #indoor use: Spider plant, Snake plant, Gerbera Daisy, Peace Lily, Boston Fern, English Ivy, Dragon Tree and Philodendron.

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Bring in live plants

# 9 – Use a mirror or several on the same wall

This one might seem self-explanatory, but #mirrors don’t belong just over your bathroom sinks. So, where else can you use mirrors in your home? The truth is mirrors can help any #room feel bigger, bring in extra light, and help with #balance.

I also love just how the addition of mirrors in a room can make any space feel more #elegant and #glamorous. Beautifully paired both over a #couch in the #livingroom or in a formal #diningroom setting.

Re: 10 ways to decorate e blank wall
Use a mirror or several on the same wall

# 8 – Create a gallery wall

Mix and match your favorite pieces of #art, regardless of #style or era, and display them using #frames. There are some rules when creating a gallery wall, however, especially if you want a uniform look. First, #measure the space you have to work with. Then measure out the same amount of space on a #table or the #floor. Gather the frames you want to use and start playing with exactly how you want things to be laid out. Tip: If you use a table to layout your frames, try using a #ladder or #chair to stand above your layout and get some distance from your design. This really helps to get a sense of what it will look like on your wall because you can see all of the frames together #straight on instead of at a weird angle. Next, trace all frames and where the nails need to go with tracing paper. Then #tape them in the space to see how the layout you #designed will look. Once you are #happy with where things are placed, start putting #nails in the wall. (Since the nail holes are all already marked on the tracing paper outlines, this part should go relatively quickly without unnecessary mistakes) Finally, #hang your frames, and there you have it, a #beautiful #finished product.

Re: 10 Ways to decorate a blank wall
Create a gallery wall

# 7- Decorate with floating shelves

#Installing shelves is a great way to display #décor, #books, frames and other keepsakes. Another aspect I love is the added storage for any sized room. Use #baskets and other #containers to hold throw blankets or other necessary items that you don’t want on open display. Disclaimer- when considering installation of any weight bearing shelving, refer to manufacturer’s #instructions and be sure to locate #studs or use #anchors for secure handling.

Re: 10 ways to decorate a blank wall
Decorate with floating shelves

# 6 – Highlight a large piece of furniture you love

While you can use any #furniture for this, I especially love #cabinets or #chests. The best way to create a #focal wall is to select appropriately #measured furniture. The piece should not be so small that the space feels “empty” or so big that it blocks the flow of traffic through the space. Additionally, you should keep the furniture pushed back as close as it can get to the wall. A personal favorite is to also #paint the particular wall that you place the furniture on in a #different #color than the rest of the room.

Re: 10 Ways to decorate a blank wall
Highlight a large piece of furniture you love

# 5 – Panels

#Panels are huge right now! #Artists and #architects alike appreciate #linear #dimension. “Clean lines” as they are referred to add a certain polished and #complete look to a room. These panels also create immediate style and tend to make a room look more interesting. A beautiful option!

Re:10 Ways to decorate a blank wall

# 4- Add Personalized Canvas Photo prints

I like #prints in particular that are #blackandwhite or #sepia toned. This allows you to select #various photos from any time era and have them displayed together in a #localized space. Keeping the same #tone for all photos creates a more timeless and #classic design. When photos share the same tone, just about any color #palette will compliment them well.

# 3- Add lighting to highlight original art - studio style

Whether you are framing and #displaying your children’s finger paintings and drawings, or you are wanting to display a #local artists #original #creation, #lighting is a great way to showcase art. Thanks to the internet there are endless retail options for interior lighting solutions in any style and price range. Ideally artwork should be hung at #eyelevel around 57 inches from the #floor.

Re: 10 Ways to decorate a blank wall
Add lighting to highlight original art- studio style

# 2- Use Old frames to create borders around décor

First, remove #glass from old frames. I like large frames for this, sized 8 x 10 or larger are ideal. Find a #vintage plate or other décor that can be displayed. Make sure that it fits appropriately in the middle of the frame and viola… You have added #texture, #dimension and style to an otherwise boring blank space.

Re: 10 ways to decorate a blank wall
Use old frames to create borders around decor

# 1- Wallpaper creates a brand-new look

#Wallpaper is on trend currently and I happen to love it! I feel like wallpaper is just an extension of an artist’s doodles or drawings brought to life on a larger scale. There are so many colors, styles and designs to choose from. You can find papers in several thicknesses and finishes. #Pre-#pasted papers are the #easiest to install while #non-#adhesive backings require extra steps and can be messy.

Re: 10 Ways to decorate a blank wall
Wallpaper creates a brand-new look

I hope this #blogpost inspired you all to try something to get that blank wall in your home decorated and looking its best!

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