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Beyond the Brim

Updated: Sep 19, 2018

#Hat lovers unite! #Fall is almost here and I'm ready for long sleeves and #boots. Check out my favorite #essentials for your closet this season.

If you are like me you can be sure to find a lot of #BLACK in my closet. Why you ask?

These MAIN three reasons:

1.) It's super slimming and appeals to all shapes

2.) It's totally neutral and easy to match

3.) It's the easiest color to instantly dress up or down

Here's a picture of me (when my hair was blonde) wearing one of my favorite black #outfits.


Ok, Ok- so that's not me but can we talk about these boots? It actually brings me to Number one on my #fallfashion essentials list.

1.) Knee High Boots (Yes, please)

Whether you prefer a hard leather or a soft #suede, you'll be sure to turn heads in these adorable fall foot garnish. Uber yummy. Definitely a MUST HAVE item.

So, here's one of me showcasing one of the next items (pairings) on the list.

2.) #Flannels and Leggings

Let's be honest, when it gets cold we all tend to #layer. Layers not only keep us warm, they also cover things...

That has been my saving grace when it comes to the "sugar #holidays" as I call them.

In America, we've got three major ones in a row: #Halloween (Candy bars, Candy corn and all variances of lollipops), #Thanksgiving (Pumpkin/Pecan Pie & Pumpkin Spice Lattes) and #Christmas (Cookies, Gingerbread houses & candy canes.)

Omg, why? We wonder why there is an obesity epidemic? Sheesh.

Ok, I'm getting hungry and I don't even eat that junk (for the most part) let's move on.

3.) Leather Jacket(s)

I debated this one, honestly. I really just wanted to say "Jackets" because I can not deny a good pea coat when I see one. Or a #velvet blazer...

However, if I had to pick only one kind of jacket it would be #leather. I am particularly favoring the camel brown color that is currently trending. Love it!!

As the season progresses I will post more of the #fall essentials for your closet and home.

Disclaimer- Once #Starbucks starts serving #Pumpkin Spice Latte's all bets are off...long sleeves are officially acceptable. However, if you live in one of the southern states and the weather still happens to be in the 80-90 degree range use caution. You may need to crank up your AC and put some ice in your coffee, just sayin.



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