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Design forecast: 7 HOT Interior Design Trends for 2019

Hey Peeps! Welcome back to my blog! If you are new here, Hi!! I'm Angela and I am so happy to have you here! I'm a wife, mom-preneur, designer and influencer.

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Introductions have been made...Woo-hoo. Now, let's get to the good stuff, why you clicked on the link and why you're here.

Let me just start by saying there are no affiliate links in this post. (You're Welcome)

It's a #NewYear and it's time to see what is going to be on #store #shelves and in people's #homes this year!

I love a good forecast don't you? (As long as we aren't talking about #Houston weather honey cause that's another post all of its own- insert over dramatic sigh)

Today I will be sharing some of my #favorite trends that I will be incorporating into my #designs for 2019!

So, get ready for what's #hot this year in the design community.

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We do have some returning favorites from 2018 but there is always something that needs an #upgrade to stay #relevant and on trend.

For now, let's start with what can #stay.

#Repeat Trends that are in (for now)...

1. #Wallpaper

Wallpaper has made a #comeback and as far as we know it is not going anywhere! Say "Bye- Bye" to grandma's old florals and ducks. #BOLD #geometric prints are in. Everything from #modern #florals or #botanicals to #fauxbrick paper are all considered relevant this year. Custom designers, #Amazon, #Etsy and anyone in between are all coming out with beautiful prints and styles to choose from!

2. #BlackandWhitePalettes

Certain #colors fall off the grid after a season or two. However, you can't go wrong by keeping color palettes of #black, #white and #caramel mixed with #organic #textures. This #trend is definitely going to be here for awhile. Thank GOD! (Mainly because I love it!)

For more black & white inspo. and design photos click on the photo below to check out my instagram.

3. #Panelling

So no...We aren't bringing back the vinyl 70's kind of walls you might remember from your neighbors basement.

Raise your hand if you or someone you know has at least one wall of #shiplap in their home currently?

I think we all can agree that trend was brought to us courtesy of #HGTV Fixer Upper star #JoannaGaines.

To that I might add, "Thank you".

Finding #creative ways to add #texture and #dimension to a space are always a priority for #interiordesigners.

Instead of #panels only showcased #horizontally, thin #vertical slats are now taking over for a more Nordik, #minimalistic look.

I'm not mad about it.

Photo Cred- Pinterest

We've all heard the phrase, "every trend comes back around."

While that is true in #fashion and #design, I think we can agree that there are some trends we could just completely live without. (Parachute pants and big bangs an faux ivy everything to name a few...)

On the other hand, here are some "not so new" #newer trends that are totally back in...

4. #Tribalpatterns

Designers love #dimension. It's what creates a #mood or #atmosphere in people's homes. #Tribal print adds #shape, #texture and and #pattern play to any space.

If this is a #trend you want to try, #pillows, #rugs or #throws are a great way to incorporate as much or as little tribal patterns as you'd like!


5. #HangingRugs

#Artwork is such an important #accessory to any living space. It can tell a story of where we've been, whose work we appreciate or simply be a #picture of what speaks to us.

I love the idea of hanging #textiles as artwork because of the #soft element it adds to an otherwise hard wall.

#Rugs can be hung to create a #pretty vignette in a small space or even hung on a large wall. They can be #framed or hung "as is" depending on the #aesthetic.

Design Tip: This is a great way to add interest to a #rental space or #apartment where new paint or more permanent changes are not permitted.

6. #EarthTonedPalettes- Warm #Neutrals, #Green, #Gold and #Brown

If you search #google for "color trends in 2019" you will hit MANY results. The reason is that every #paint #manufacturer out there (large or small) selects new #colors every year. Some companies select a "COLOR OF THE YEAR" while others select several colors that appear for that year. I chose the photo above from #pinterest since it is not limited to one color but shows a variety of colors that are trending currently.

The main focus of the #earthy neutral palette is #beige, green, gold and brown.

Yes, I said #brown. (Like all kinds of browns...)

This is a change from the grey days that so many enjoyed a couple of years ago. Gone are the days of the greige phase. Bring on the tan and taupe baby!

7. #RedandOrange

Personally, I LIVE for this trend. Who else LOVES "That 70's Show" ?

You can expect to see custom #red sofas, #orange chairs and other furniture in these shades coming to stores near you.

I love a good #red or #orange "POP" of color every now and then. "Pop" colors may be seen in your accessories such as #books, artwork, #rugs, #lamps and #pillows.

These #warm colors add #vibrancy and #excitement to a space. Think candle light and rose petals. #Ambiance say whattttt?

Um, yes please.

Bonus: #Velvet made a comeback and boy did it. This #luxurious fabric can be seen in a variety of furnishings. Keep your eye out for options you may want to incorporate for a bit of #glam- #cozy in your home. I love this printed pattern for a #powderroom, #boutique shop or even as an accent wall in an #office. If #eclectic #vintage is your thing, velvet is the perfect accessory for this mod print. Me-ow!!!!!

That concludes my design forecast for the 7 HOT design trends in 2019.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this post! Please leave a comment and let me know your thoughts.

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