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Meet the Family!

Updated: Sep 21, 2018

Hello there! Introductions are important. I want you guys to meet my #family. Here's a snapshot into my #life.

Hey peeps! My name is Angela and I am so happy to meet you, unofficially. Lol! In all honesty I am super honored that you are here and reading this #blog post. I know there are literally MILLIONS of other things you could be doing, so I am happy to have you.

I want to start by saying first and foremost I am a #family person. I grew up in a big family (I'm the 4th of 6 kids) and they absolutely mean the world to me.

We all live in #Houston, Texas (except for the baby who moved to Nashville). If you've never been here, Houston is one of the most diverse and humid places you'll ever experience.

This post however is about my immediate family. You know the #hubs and kids...of which I have five. Yes. You heard right. Five as in 5.

(Don't worry, you aren't alone. It still freaks me out when I hear it, too.)

My oldest is a senior, then three middle schoolers (6, 7 & 8th grades) and a first grader.

Whew. I think thats all of them. Yep.

We are a #blended family. I had three #kids and then inherited two more by #marriage.

Here we all are. Look, we are all happy and stuff.

We love #Jesus. We do #football, #gymnastics and #choir. We play #fornite and watch movies. Some of the kids favorite things to do are go to the #trampolinepark and eat out.

I know "eating out" doesn't sound like a big deal but taking five kids to any restaurant is like volunteering for an elementary school field trip.

We have to pack snacks to hold us over until we get there, everyone has to use the restroom before we leave and we make sure not to forget the coupons.

Most importantly, for the love of #God, everyone has to have a charged electronic device and ear buds of some kind because otherwise it gets very, very loud in the car.

My #husband is my #bestfriend. We have been #married four years this November. I think this #photo about sums it up. I often tell him I know now why it never worked out with anyone else. We were kinda meant to be.

We only have one #pet for now. A male #hamster named Hamilton. (Hammy or MC Hampster for short)

All in all, we are pretty darn blessed to have each other. We are far from perfect but our #home is filled with #love and that's all I can ask for.



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