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Shop my home/ Re-create my 'Designer' Christmas Tree with 10 items for less than I paid!

-Angela's Tree

Hey guys!

If you're new here, my name is Angela. I am so glad you've come by!

I am an #interiordecorator by trade. I really enjoy being able to give #design #inspiration to people who may have not known what to do otherwise. I have found that one of my favorite ways to #help people is by sharing my #experiences and everyday items that I use and love. If I'm helping you out even a little bit today than taking the time to share this #information was worth it!

So, I'll jump right into this #blogpost and introduce you to my #tree. Isn't she sweet?

I've linked all the items with descriptions for you below.

Disclaimer- Before I share these items I have to let you know I am an Amazon #Affiliate. I make a small commission when you purchase items from the links that I have included in this #blogpost. I will not post #items just for the sake of a #sale. I post products that I enjoy or use in my #designs. This is a way that I give back through my design ideas without having to charge a design #fee. I appreciate your support.

Are you #excited yet? Get ready, you're just 10 items away from recreating

my tree in your #home.

Item # 1: 7 Foot Prince Flock Artificial Christmas Unlit, Flocked Snow

I bought my #Christmastree at my local At Home Store. This tree is similar except sold from #KingofChristmas. It has a wonderful #price tag for such great #quality! Click on the #picture link to the right to purchase!

Item # 2: Vickerman Q130439 Glitter Mesh Ribbon, 4" x 10 yd, Champagne

I bought my #ribbon at a local #Michael's Craft Supply.

This ribbon is similar and this is a #beautiful color! I love using ribbon like this in my tree to add some #glam. This ribbon is easy to work with and compliments many colors. #Click on the picture link to the left to get several rolls for your tree!

#ProTip- I used about 3 of these rolls on my 7 ft tree.

Item # 3: Green Velvet Ball Ornaments - Large Christmas Holiday Decoration 4 Ct

Guys, these olive green #velvetornaments are so precious! They add a certain bit of glamor to my #tree. I love how this color brings dimension to otherwise bright white #flockedtree.

Click on the picture link to the right to order these #chic #ornaments for your #Christmastree!


tem # 4: 32ct Kiwi Green Shatterproof Shiny Christmas Ball Ornaments 3.25" (80mm)

I like to bounce similar #colors from one side of the #room to the other. Then, I throw in a "pop" of #fun color. Notice the pillows on my couch from above. I have #layered two different green velvet #shades. This kiwi green was just the pop of unexpected #color I feel in love with this year! Click the picture link to the left to order these awesome ornaments now!

Item # 5: 34ct Shatterproof Christmas Ball Ornaments Champagne

This is great because there are #several different #finishes included in this #pack. It is a great deal and will be a great addition to your tree. #FYI- I love the #glittery ones in this set the best! Click the picture link to the right to purchase yours today!

Item # 6: 26" Buffalo Plaid Reindeer Spray: Black & White Buffalo Plaid Christmas Ornament

I must admit. I have not received these yet. I just think they are so cute. I did play with a couple of soft houndstooth pattern #reindeer ornaments and #buffaloplaid balls from #homegoods on my tree. This is a good compromise and sweet shape to add to the mix of #roundornaments. Click the picture #link to the left to purchase these for your home.

Item # 7: 20pcs 4-6cm Christmas Pine Cones Pendant With String Natural Wood

#Pinecones always find a place in my home around the #holidays. These ornaments add an element of #nature and a pretty deep brown color to the white, flocked branches. You could even add some larger ones from your yard to the #mix! #Click on the picture link to the right to try these out in your tree!

Item # 8: Paper Petal Ball Ornament with Gold Glitter

These #paperballornaments are the replacement for the #glitterornament balls on my tree. I love the how the unique petals mimic the #pinecones. These are so perfect! Click the picture link to the left to add these to your #christmasdecor.

Item # 9: Fuzzy Fur Elegant Throw Blanket

I love this throw! I am currently using it as a #treeskirt.

Yes, you heard me right- as in the bottom of #mytree.

I placed the base of the tree on top of a sturdy box to give it more height and then loosely #wrapped the bottom with this throw. You certainly don't have to use the throw that way. Even as the throw it was intended to be, it's #worthit!

Item # 10: Black Glittered Garland, 15 Feet Long

#Bonus- I have this one on order. Isn't it super #classic? I love this black #glitteredgarland. I can't wait to add this item to my own tree! Click the picture link to the left to order it now.

-Angela's #ChristmasTree

If you choose any of the items above, please tag me in your photos so I can share them on my media as well. Or email me at

I hope this was useful to you guys. I can't wait to see your Christmas trees!



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