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Simple DIY Deer costume-Doubles for Halloween or Christmas...

Hey guys. I thought at first that it may be silly to post a #DIY #costume AFTER #Halloween.

Then I got to thinking...

How many #teachers/ moms volunteer for #school events in #December?

Are they looking for #costumes online to use for #Christmas #plays?

If you're like me, the answer is most likely- yes, been there. HELP!

So, instead of keeping something to myself I decided to #share an #idea.

How about an easy #DIYreindeer costume?

C'mon even Santa can't do what he needs to do without his flying reindeer pals.

I've included a #video at the bottom to see how #easy this costume is to make.


Whether you'd call yourself #Rudolph, #Blitzen, #Comet or #Cupid... there will be very little you'll need to add (besides a nametag or #rednose) to this #DIY costume.

So, to help out my peeps, I've included clickable links on what you need to make the costume portion. Following the links I've included directions on makeup and a video with instructions to make the costume.

Here's what you'll need...

1.) Felties Felt Sheet, Brown, 9 12"

Brown #felt sheet should make 2 ears and a tail.

Click the #picture #link to the right to purchase.

($2.28 for one sheet)

2.) Revlon Soft Touch Headbrands, 2 Count

Brown #headband. Best price is listed.

Click the #picture #link the the left to purchase.

($4.88 for the two pack)

3.) Angelina Seamless Leggings

I found my leggings at a thrift store. These are a great option. Click the #picture #link to the right to purchase.

($9.88-One size fits all- brown)

4.) Womens Scoop Neck Short Sleeve Tee Tops Cotton

Amazon's Choice- For Women's brown shirt.

Click the #picture #link to the left to purchase.

($12.99- Select size at checkout)

5.) Hareline Extra Select Craft Fur

I went to my local #Michaels craft store to purchase the craft fur I used. There are many choices to choose from. Here is one option. I selected a #tan shade but there are many to choose from. Click the #picture #link on the right to purchase.

($4.60 for 5 x 5)

6.) Big Rose Flower Headband Hair Wreath Halo Crown F-37

This is a bonus. Obvi, I used a different color #flowercrown (headband) but I thought that the big #red #roses may go nicely with a Christmas theme. ($8.99 is pretty hard to beat for this!)

Click on the #picture #link to the left to purchase.

OK, let's be real, the face makes this costume. I didn't list the makeup I used because I bought mine at the #dollarstore! We all know buying expensive #makeup that is several shades darker than you normally wear is a no-no.

So, here's what I bought:

1.) #Foundation and #bronzer in dark by Wet 'N' Wild

2.) A straight up very light #concealer wand from #Covergirl and a #highlighter roll on.

3.) A no-brand black #eyeliner pencil


First- Use the dark foundation against the hairline, cheekbones and on the lower chin. Apply with sponge, brush or finger. Follow with brushing the bronzer over the foundation.

The T-zone stays lighter so that's where the concealer goes. Trace over brows, under eyes, down nose, on chin. Blend. At this point I used a light mist of setting spray.

Add "spots" by dotting concealer over the face. I put white eyeshadow over the dots using a q-tip to set.

Black pencil should be used to trace inner nose and upper lip.

* I glued on faux lashes. Obvi, don't do that for school age kids...

Viola! You have a #reindeer!

As previously mentioned, If #rudolph is who you're going for use red lip long lasting lip liner or a prop for the #rednose!

What do you think? Did you enjoy the #Easy #DIY #Reindeer/ #Deer #Costume?

Take a peek of the #video below with the #tutorial for the costume!

Xo, Ange

P.S. I am really so glad to have you joining me here on the #blog. I would love to see what you create with help from this DIY. Tag me in your #photos and let me know if it helped!

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