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Trending Home Decor you need. ALL items under $100 from Amazon.

Hey everyone! We made it through Halloween! Can I get an "Amen" from all my #DIY costume making peeps out there? High ups to all my overachieving 'rents. You're the real MVP's! All that time and effort for like an hour of candy collection. I feel ya.

Seriously though, is it just me or did October rush by brutally like a slap in the face? Whew! Wait. Don't sit down yet. The real #fun is about to start.

I know you wanna procrastinate. Especially with that extra hour we just gained. You think you have ALL this time before #Thanksgiving to rest.

Nope. Trust me, start early. I kinda use the first week of #November as my "jumpstart" week.

Let me explain.

The #holidays are about to come at all of us like a whirlwind. Every year it seems like

Thanksgiving follows Halloween by like a week and #Christmas is two days later.

If you're a mom with school age kids we usually start our month with Parent Teacher Conferences, Fall Recitals, Friends day and "Grandparents Feast." (You know that Thanksgiving cafeteria luncheon where everyone invites their families and we all share in a crowded 30-minute not so real turkey and mashed potatoes "meal" together.)

Ok, so there's that. Are you hosting Thanksgiving too? Sheesh. That is no task for the faint of heart. Decorating, coordinating, inviting, baking, cooking, and cleaning up...

When I wait to decorate for Christmas after Thanksgiving I notice there is a whole lot more that #December requires than just my money. If you thought November was bad for activities, think again.

One thing I want to give you is something you don't have to THINK about.

Have you updated your space to make #room for all your #decor (and company) this #season?

I have found some of the #best deals on #Amazon for #trending home decor and want to share five of my #favorite finds with you!

Disclaimer- Before I share these items I have to let you know I am an Amazon #Affiliate. I make a small commission when you purchase items from the links that I have included in this #blogpost. I will not post #items just for the sake of a #sale. I post products that I enjoy or use in my #designs. This is a way that I give back through my design ideas without having to charge a design #fee. I appreciate your support.

Wood Tripod Floor Lamp

I love a good source of #light in a room. One of my favorite ways

to add character is by the addition of light. This Tripod Floor #Lamp goes with many styles and for under $80.00 is a great buy! At first glance it may seem just #modern but this lamp can be paired with #boho or #transitional decor as well. Click on the link to the right and it will send you straight to Amazon to add this to your #cart! What could be easier?

Pack of 4 Artificial Silver Dollar Eucalyptus

One of my favorite ways to add a pop of #nature or bring #balance to a space is through the addition of something #green. These silver dollar #eucalyptus are perfect when styled in a large jar or #vase. You can even #DIY a holiday #wreath or #garland with these beauties! Four stems for under $18.00 is hard to beat. Click on the image to the left to purchase for your home this #holiday.

Medium Natural Net Seagrass

Woven Tote Belly Multipurpose Basket Storage

If you have followed me for any length of time you know that #texture, #baskets and #organization are my thing!

I love these #trending #neutral baskets. You can use them as a laundry basket or even to hold a plant! Get this, how cute would it be if this replaced the "Santa Bag" under your #tree and each kid got a basket for their #gifts? The basket doubles since it is reusable to hold their toys after Christmas! This one priced at $35.00 is a great #deal. Click on the image to the right to purchase it now!

Pack of 2, Velvet Soft Solid Decorative Square Throw Pillow Covers Set Cushion Case

Don't buy NEW #pillows everytime. Use a pillow #cover to transform your spring pillows into #Fall and #Christmas themes. I'm a #velvet lover so I highly recommend adding this #fabric to your living room #sofa or #chair to impress your guests. This link is for a pack of 2 - 18 x 18 green velvet covers. Under $13.00 for 2 pillows? Click on the link to the left to add this item to your #holiday spread! You know you want some!

Pre Assembled Modern Style Dining Chairs (Set of 4)

#Gatherings mean more people and making #seating areas out of your current square footage can be a #challenge. I'm about to blow your mind with this one! Four of these #modern #dining chairs cost $70.00! (before shipping) That is less than $20 a chair people! What??? These are perfect for #indoor or #outdoor use and they come in 5 #colors! Even if you are just looking to #update your current #kitchen chairs, this is a great buy! Trust me when I say you need these #chairs. Click on the image to the right to purchase now!

I promise you just with implementing these three items to your current design situation you will be updating your space for around $200. If you do buy and use these items in your home please tag me to show me where you are using them and how you've styled them. I love to see how my picks bring you new inspiration! My links are on my home page to follow me on social for more inspo!



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